New upgrade MMW+ Metal bond fluting wheel

New upgrade MMW+ Metal bond fluting wheel

The four advantages of new upgrade MMW+ metal bond fluting wheel for drills and mills: 

  1. QW value breakthrough
  2. Stable and low grinding force
  3. Good retention and low dressing frequency
  4. Double improvement of quality and efficiency without price increase


Q : How to evaluate the efficiency of the fluting wheel?


A : First of all, we have to make a goal of productivity and see what QW value is required to reach the goal. When the productivity was set, than we have to check if the grinding force is normal and stable during the processing. In final, we are going to check the wheel life and shape retention in which the grinding wheel with longest life time and lowest dressing frequency would bring the most efficient work.

Refer to the URL link below to know more about QW value calculating.



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