Precision thin Blades

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Precision cutting wheels could cut or groove precisely non-ferrous material, such as tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass and quartz. CBN cutters could be used to process ferrous materials.

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  • It is suited for: High-tech electronic parts and related products such as magnetic head, IC, LSI, optical fiber, semiconductor, electronic lead frame and etc, require high precision disc wheel with high precision, efficiency cutting and break molding.
Feature of Diamond Wheel for Precision Disc:
  1. Superior Size Precision: Depending on high precision trimming makes the thickness tolerances achieve 0.002mm.
  2. High Rigidity: Promoting rigidity of diamond disc to prevent the cant and vibration, and improve the size precision of a disc.
  3. High Molding Efficiency: Making use of a newly developed and sharp binder to promote a molding efficiency.
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