Grinding Wheels for Metal Cutting Tools Grinding

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Innovative specifications are suitable for heavy loading creep feed to keep accurate forms without compromising efficiency.

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Anchor offers customers three kinds bonding systems according to the orientation of production and process optimization.

MMW Series:( Metal bonds)
Excellent cutting ability and fine heat emission, make it suitable for heavy duty deep creep stock removal.
The best solution in the diameter range above 8mm .
Recommended for flute grinding.

HBMW Series:( Polyimide bonds )
Superior free cutting behavior, maximum profile accuracy and significant durability.
The best solution in the diameter range above 6mm .
Recommended for flute grinding

BMW Series:( Resin bonds )
Economic output combined with good cutting efficiency
The best solution in the diameter range below 6mm.
Recommended for flute, clearance angles and gash grindings.

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Case Study – MMW Flute
Wheel Specification:SD270N125MMW1A110
Wheel Size:100X10X31.75X10
Material of work piece:Tungsten Carbide
Wheel speed:21 – 22.5 m/s、Cutting depth:3mm、Feed rate:100mm/min、Dressing Frequency 800pcs / time。
Benefit:Good cutting ability ( QW = 5 ), enhance productivity, cost reducing.
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