Grinding Wheels for Wood-working Industry

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Available for grinding and re-grinding wood working tools, such as circular saw, routers and etc.

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  • It is suited for planer, forming knife, vertical milling cutter and circular blade of woodworking industry.
  • Wheel Specification: Depending on grinding or re-grinding process which will be different in recommended specification.
  • Different Wheel substrates are available for purposes :
  1. Bakelite Substrate : vibration absorption, to reduce wheel abrasion and improve the roughness.
  2. Al-Alloy Substrate : Higher rigidity, suit for high precision grinding.

Regular Specification and Size : *Special specification and size are customized.
Bakelite core (Bl) – Shock absorbing, enhance the roughness of work piece.
Aluminum core (Al) – High rigidity, suit for high precision grinding.
PDF Download – Grinding wheel for woodworking industry
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