Beveling Wheels for TFTLCD Glass Grinding

  • Description

Metal bond wheels, featuring long tool life and form withholding ability, make themselves the best candidates for beveling glass substrates of LCD panels. Resin bond wheels provide alternatives for customers pursuing better surface roughness.

  • Manual
  • Complete Production Line
Carbo provide metal bonded, electroplated mounted wheel for glass drilling and edge grinding.

  • Reliable Quality
Wheels must been inspected and quality checked before ship.

  • Customize
All the wheels could be designed and developed depends on customer’s requirement in processing.

  • High C/P Ratio
All CARBO’s wheels were made in Taiwan, we provide the best price and quality to create high C/P ratio for customers.

  • Case Study – 10 times better than electroplated in life time
    Features of Metal Bond Wheel
  • Improve the chipping after grinding
  • Long life time, reduce the frequency of wheel changing
  • Enhance productivity and yield rate

PDF Download – Touch panel and TFT grinding wheel
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