Abrasive Disc For Double Spindle Grinder

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Double disc surface grinding wheels are used to grinded both two sides of work piece simultaneously that lead in a larger grinding area and easily affect the accuracy requirement due to the high grinding heat. Anchor developed unique specification especially aimed at the solution of this problem, well applied for piston rings、connecting rods、bearing and vehicle equipments grinding.

  • Manual
  • Through the running of double spindle grinder, two surfaces on work piece will be ground together and finished at the same time.
  • Suitable for each type of dual-surface molding, for example, spring end, bearing, magnet, connecting rod, piston ring, compressor valve and etc.
  • Beside vitrified and resin bond discs, Anchor also developed OM ( Magnesium Oxide) bond Disc wheel which successfully applied for spring grinding.

Case of OM Bonded Spring Grinding Wheel
Features : Suit for dry grinding, good heat dissipation, enhance productivity。
Test Result : Anchor OM bonded spring grinding wheel is 40% higher in C/P ratio than the present using M brand wheel. Anchor offer the lowest grinding cost and highest productivity for customer.  
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